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Gtech AirRam overview


Most of us find the vacuuming to be a real chore. Enter the GTech AirRam cordless vacuum. It’s innovative design helps to make a quick and easy job of cleaning the carpets throughout the home.

With an energy saving design using compact bales, just 4cm from the floor, it it more than a match for a number of mains-powered vacuums. Once complete, the bales simply go into the bin.



The unique selling point of the Gtech AirRam is that there is no cord to get in the way. This really makes it stand out from other products currently on the market, and is surely the future of the vacuum cleaner.

Worried you’re not going to get finished before the power runs out? Don’t be. The AirRam includes an LED fuel gauge so you will always know how much charge there is left.  One charge has the ability to clean two average sized UK houses.



The lightweight design makes it easy to maneouver around the house, under & around the obstacles that are a real struggle for most standard vacuums.

Weighing in at just 3.5 kilos, it makes carrying the hoover up the stairs far easier than ever before.



The AirRam can be used effectively on both carpeted and hard floors. It’s lightweight design also makes it easyto clean the stairs.



AirRam technology is ideally suited for troublesome pet hair. Many vacuums rely on high suction power to remove pet hair; this deals adequately with surface hair, but is often inadequate for removal of hair embedded into the carpet. The AirRam has powerful rotating brush bars to lift embedded hair from the carpet and then compress it into bales.



The AirRam comes with a 5 Year manufacturers guarantee, meaning if anything goes wrong, it will be fixed or replaced.


Check out the video below:



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